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Hello, Thank you for your interest in EP International


Today, we live in a world that is interconnected as never before. Not only that,

it is a world where dialogue, collaboration and conversation have replaced the

static, one-way communication channels (like a corporate website) of the past.


Therefore this site is now a simple invitation to:

"Start a simple conversation" 


We connect entrepreneurs and innovation with capital

to add value in a digital world.


The specific focus, with global partners, is in the formation of

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies known by their acronym SPAC.

Sectors of activity include #fintech #smartenergy and #healthcare. 




for the PURPOSE of building relationships with, and between, a trusted global

network who can effect change and 'make a difference'.


EP International champions freedom, liberty and diversity with the

teaching at The Mises Institute forming the basis of this passion.




So rather than browsing the flat pages of a website,

please link up with me by any of the routes below and let's ...



"Start a simple conversation of exploration"


Skype: trevorblee


Kind regards,


Trevor Lee,



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