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Hello, Thank you for your interest in EP International


Today, we live in a world that is interconnected as never before. Not only that,

it is a world where dialogue, collaboration and conversation have replaced the

static, one-way communication channels (like a corporate website) of the past.


Therefore this site is now a simple invitation to:

"Start a simple conversation" 


Our focus is on building cross-sector C-Suite teams - exec and non-exec - to succeed

in the digital world. Specific focus, with global partners, is in the formation of

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies known by their acronym SPAC.

Sectors of activity include #fintech #smartenergy #healthcare and #DOOH. 



Inspired by this new world, EP International CONNECTS and COLLABORATES 

for the PURPOSE of building relationships with, and between, a global network

of CONSOCIATES who can effect change and 'make a difference'.


EP International champions freedom, liberty and diversity with the

teaching at The Mises Institute forming the basis of this passion.

This includes economic theory and practice.



So rather than browsing the flat pages of a website,

please link up with me by any of the routes below and let's ...



"Start a simple conversation of exploration"


Skype: trevorblee


Kind regards,


Trevor Lee,



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