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Collaborating in a Connected World



Hello, Thank you for your interest in EP International

which has been my 'brand' for over 30 years.


Today, we live in a world that is interconnected as never before. Not only that,

it is a world where dialogue, collaboration and conversation have replaced the

static, one-way communication channels (like a corporate website) of the past.


Therefore this site is now a simple invitation to:

"Start a simple conversation" 


My focus is on the recruitment, development and retention of 

executive talent for clients across a broad spectrum of

industry and commerce spaning all continents. 


Inspired by this new world, I continue to build my business by partnering and

collaborating with consociates to deliver outstanding results to organisations

whose values and purpose are best exemplified by the Conscious Capitalism

movement that started on the west coast USA but is now a global community.


I am a champion of freedom, liberty and diversity with my learning 

at The Mises Institute forming the basis of my passion.

This includes economic theory and practice.



So rather than browsing the flat pages of a website,

please link up with me by any of the routes below and let's ...



"Start a simple conversation of exploration"


Skype: trevorblee


Kind regards,


Trevor Lee,



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